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Replenish Healing, Homeopathy, reiki healing, Atua Healing

About Amanda

Amanda Cowlrick. Replenish Healing, Homeopathy, reiki healing, Atua Healing

Amanda Cowlrick RCHom

After years running a business that helped other small businesses in Administration and Finance, I realised my passion truly lay in the capabilities of holistic healing, inspiring my journey to retrain and focus my energy on helping people to replenish energy.

I have personally seen the support and benefits of homeopathy in my own life since I was a teenager. I have found it has meant fewer antibiotics, and noticeably avoiding winter ailments. 

So in 2018, I started my journey with training in Acute homeopathy while also learning the art of Reiki and Atua healing. 

In 2019 I completed my Reiki Masters and started Chronic Homeopathy part-time. I also completed my practitioner certificate in Atua Healing. 

This journey has been inspirational and has led me to realise that to be there for others; we must also be there for ourselves. 

Supporting your body using homeopathy and other energy healing practices are invaluable tools in the Holistic Health System which have performed wonders in collaboration with allopathic medicine during my own journey to wellness.

Today, this journey has led me to have graduated with a Diploma of Acute Prescribing using Homeopathy and a Diploma of Chronic Prescribing using Homeopathy, both from the College of Natural Health and I am inspired to provide the same level of attention and care to now give back and benefit the holistic health of others.

Qualifications, Training & Affiliations

  • Amanda Cowlrick is registered with the New Zealand Council of Homeopaths (NZCH).

  • She has subscribed to the professional code of ethics. The NZCH is a professional body responsible for upholding the professional standards and maintaining the register of Homeopaths in New Zealand.

  • Diploma of Acute Prescribing using Homeopathy, 2018

  • Diploma of Chronic Prescribing using Homeopathy, 2021 from College of Natural Health & Homeopathy (accredited & approved by NZQA).

  • Amanda is registered with New Zealand Reiki NZ Inc, and is also on their board as Database Manager, Web Development and Reiki News Production

  • Amanda is also a trained Atua Healing Practitioner.

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